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HKIFOA is established on the basis of the rapid developments of Asia’s economy and society, which focuses on the economic, social and cultural exchanges and integration of Asia, Hong Kong and Singapore family offices, and plays the roles to bridge and link between the government, the markets and family office.

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The Organization

HKIFOA links domestic and overseas family wealth management and research institutions, family office professionals, family office business-related service institutions, and senior experts and scholars to develop and understand the latest social and economic dynamics worldwide.

Mission is founded on three inter-twined principles

  • International Family Offices passion for investing in global dynamic financial and digital environment.
  • Respect for risk, and migrate exposure to unknown crisis.
  • Continuous improvement of Family Office operation and harvesting.

All of which defines the association we are today.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We believe that traditional approaches to materials’ use can place undue pressure on global resources and that they are wasteful and uneconomically viable in an increasingly challenging business environment.

Family offices could participate, measure, and monitor the environmental footprint of the most material operational aspects and report this information to contribute.

HKIFOA is committed to contributing to a more environmentally sustainable economy and limiting our environmental impact through the contribution of global FOs.

We recognise that, we can create and enhance long-term value for HKIFOA members by taking responsibility for our association planet. Our goal for environmental management is to add value to member businesses in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way, and to conserve and protect the world’s natural resources through our member diverse investments, operations, products and services.

Environmental management strategy is built upon the most material aspects where we can have a real impact as a mission.

HKIFOA based on the rapid development of Asia economy financial market, society, focusing on the economic, social and cultural exchanges and integration of Mainland China, Hong Kong, plays an important role to bridge and link between the local government, market and gathers domestic and foreign family offices, related investment, tax planning, wealth management research fields, and related service fields, and elites from similar industry organizations, and builds the platforms for FOs industry resource integration, communication and interaction, collaboration, and self-regulation jointly with domestic and foreign family offices.